it’s okay, that’s love: final thoughts

I just finished “it’s okay, that’s love” about one minute ago, and I have to say it’s such a good drama, and I highly recommend it. The overall plot of the drama is great, and how it was done was great, and the cast was great. It took me a bit of time to bring myself to start the drama, but I don’t regret it at all.


Firstly, I think it was great how every character seemed to have a disorder, or really lacked in something. I think it was great how they addressed abuse, because I think many people suffer it, and not many people are heard. Even when a person is out an abusive relationship it can still really affect tong term to the person. As we know, he had created an imaginary person (Kang woo) who mirrored himself and his situation. He believed that he was helping out a friend, and in the end his book he was also writing was reflecting his future, as he wrote about destroying the main character not through suicide but through accident, which was supposed to happen. Then there was the mother, who was still in a dissociated state and isn’t fully aware of what she did because she put herself in a state of forgetting, and then the brother who took the blame and stayed in jail for 14 years. His abusive state also reflected his stepfather and his jealousy between his brother and mom, but he didn’t know the full situation. I think many people suffer finding the voice and leaving the situation, and in many cases people stay in abuse relationships for years before leaving, and this drama reflected that. 

the two main characters were great, and their chemistry was great. Honestly partly why I didn’t start the drama sooner was because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it because of them, as I have seen their previous work before, but I honestly think they were casted very well. They both played their illnesses very well. The two of them did an excellent job at showing the character properly, and I will look forward to their future productions because of this drama. 

The reason why I started the drama was indeed because of Kyungsoo, and I’m so glad he was apart of the cast. His character was interesting and it was so cool to find out he was just a hallucination. Those moments he was being beaten up, he played so well, and just when he was putting on that innocent face was so cute. I really think he did a good job at playing Kang woo, and I’m glad he got casted not just as an EXO-L. 

The other two housemates were so cute, the relationship between them. And also the relationship Soo Kwang and So Nyeo was so cute, I really only started watching those parts because she’s so pretty (I know, terrible of me) but it turned out to be such a cute relationship, and I ship them so much. 

Out of all the episodes, of course the last episode was my favourite. In the beginning, when he finally lets Kang Woo go, and he begins to become better, and then when she came back after a year, and no body really enthusticatically greeted her, and then Jae Yeol and her begin to make out, and the two housemates some in with the puzzle saying we missed you, and they just sit down. LOL, it made me laugh, because that’s the lighthearted parts that made the drama great. And then when she came out of the bathroom because she found out she was pregnant, it reminded me of reply 1997 where Eunji’s character hits seo in guk’s. I thought she was gonna hit him, but she casually laid down and let out her sass. It was great.

But overall, this drama was very well laid out, and the plot and acting was great. I give it an 8.5/10