Jessica’s departure

Honestly I never really thought that Girls generation would break so soon, I knew that eventually it would come to an end and the members would go onto different things other than idol life, but I didn’t think it would be so soon, considering just weeks ago there was news of all 9 resigning with SM. 

Honestly I think that SM nor Jessica are at fault in this situation, and I also think that it has nothing to do with Tyler but he is just a cherry on top. I think things wouldn’t have gone so bad as they are now if there was some news bringing up to the fact that she was departing, rather than a weibo post saying she got kicked out, it just took everyone by surprise like Kris’s case did. Maybe there is sugar coating from SM to make things seem less on their part, but at the same time, I think this was going to happen no matter what. Jessica obviously wanted to have a fashion line of her own, and after Jessica and Krystal I’m sure she got the chance because she mentioned it, and of course there is nothing wrong with aspiring a new dream. However I kind of wish she would have stayed and finished her time with GG properly, after years of training, and 7 years of being in GG it came to such an abrupt ending, and even though she wants to start her fashion career and study abroad I wish she stayed for an ending stage, to make one great finale. 

That being said, like I said I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying something new, but I also think that SM couldn’t handle it any other way. Of course having a thing on the side is great for an idol, but also being an idol requires 24/7 attention, and Jessica is the CEO and designer of her brand which will require a lot of attention, for SM to maintain SNSD and continue, they couldn’t have a member missing. They wouldn’t be able to fully release an album without all the members, so in the end, they couldn’t have Jessica in the group, and people will think it’s mean, and sones will hate it, but in my opinion it’s in the benefit of SM and Jessica in the end. Now Jessica can put her full attention to her dream of being a fashion designer, and SNSD can also continue. 

Now this whole cherry on the top thing with Tyler, it kind of makes me speculate, I know there is nothing wrong with an idol having relationship, and I don’t hate it at all, but it makes me question Jessica and Krystal. As real as they were in the show, I feel so “blah” thinking of the whole marriage talk, and considering she may have been in a relationship with Tyler the whole time, now whatever is the case, it’s whatever now and good for her as well if she’s getting married. But people are hating on SM because they think this is the reason for kicking her out and I really don’t think it was, I think maybe there would have been a bit of conflict and they would have tried to find out whether it was true or not, but no matter how weird SM is, I don’t think they would kick a member out souly for marriage purposes. 

Krystal, I don’t think it’s fair that Krystal is being looked to for answers, yes Jessica is her sister, yes they are from the same company, yes Krystal is close to Jessica but at the same time, Krystal has to think of herself. I’m sure if Krystal wasn’t active at the moment she would have said something, but right now she’s in a important time of her career and it’s her first lead part in a drama. I think it’s only fair that people let her continue professionally without attacking her because I’m sure she is aware of what is happening, and I’m sure she has talked to her sister. 

So in conclusion I think that Jessica just made a few bad timings or maybe she thought she could handle it all, and didn’t mention anything to SM and now it’s blown up into this, Like I said, I wish there had been a goodbye stage and I wish she would have participated in it having been a member for 7 almost 8 years. In my opinion, no one is at fault it just made a little incident turn into something bigger that knetizens are blowing up