Apink Showtime: final thoughts

There are so many idols groups, and of course some must be for show and the members don’t have good relationships, but no matter what program I watch, I feel as though Apink is really a family, and it’s such a pleasure to watch. 

Like Apink seasons I think Apink showtime gave me a chance to see the members in a more open light, especially the last episodes. From Bomi, she’s always been a happy person and ALWAYS makes me laugh as a fan, however what Namjoo said in her letter seems so true. Bomi is one of those people who would put up a front even in her stressful moments just to make others laugh, because that’s certainly what she’s been doing since debut. Bomi has such a lovable personality, and I love watching her, and I hope she can continue making people laugh, but also taking care of herself. 

Eunji, my bias of the group seems to never fail me. Even though Chorong’s the leader, Eunji’s the mother. She showed her kind heart by not being disappointed with Bomi’s small gift, but with joking and being appreciative about it, and that’s something lovely. Also not only did she buy for her soulmate, but she bought for each other the members guardians showing a kind aspect as she thinks of the other members. She also remembered small aspects that others would forget easily, like when Haeyoung said she gets cold and said that a whole year back, and Eunji still brought it to light and bought her something in that manner. She’s not only talented, but definitely one of the most generous personalities a person can have, and it’s truly admirable and beautiful.

Chorong, I honestly thought Chorong’s soft image was just a front in the beginning, but as I’ve paid more attention to Apink I think she truly is a soft person, but as the leader she stays strong. Chorong seems to be continuously becoming a stronger leader and I’m glad she was picked as Apink’s leader. She takes into account of the members feelings, and pushes them and supports them, and her personality seems to be that would never hurt a fly but if she had to protect others she would (if that made sense). 

Namjoo seems to be growing into a fine woman, like Eunji she took into account something that Bomi wanted, and got her a guitar. She seems like that personality that when you’re down, they will do anything to make you happy again, even if they don’t know what that way is. She seems like she will always look up to her unnis and care for each member like her family.

Naeun seems to be a very soft person, someone you would want to protect. As I watch her I can’t help but notice that she’s very considerate of her other members, and although it seemed hard for her to open up during debut era, I feel as though she has truly grown, not only for the public sake of being an idol but privately with her members. She’s that personality that if you’re crying, she will automatically start crying without knowing the reason, and those people you just want to hug no matter what.

Hayoung looks so much older than her age, but her heart is still young. She still seems like the maknae but she’s constantly growing and mature, and the way she takes care of her unnis is admirable, even though she’s the maknae.

I feel as though Apink showtime gave me a glimpse of another side of them, or furthered my glimpse already. Not only are they lovable characters but the family they have formed is great as well, and I honestly don’t see them splitting any time in the future. It makes me sad to think that this show has come to an end, and I’ll just have to wait for another season or reality/variety program like this and Apink to be the stars. 

Just in case no one has told you this yet today, I think Minho is beautiful.

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